MidEast Aviation Academy

Mid-East Aviation Academy was founded in 2000, located in Amman / Amman civil Airport and owned By a private sector. MAA is considered one of the important flight schools due to the high level of Education and training modules submitted by the most qualified and trained aviation’s instructors. Since Then, the MAA has gained its reputation and growth in a fast pace steps due to their strategies that Consistent with the Academy’s vision and mission in which aim to graduate a qualified pilot and Aviation engineers and be ready to serve widely in different international aviation fields.

MidEast Aviation Academy Vision:

Mid-East Aviation Academy seeks to become aviation training leaders which specialize in civil pilot training and aircraft maintenance technicians TB1.1 B2 , through advanced teaching and training methodology and up-to-date equipment’s in order to gain an respected reputation in the field of aviation training in Jordan and worldwide.

MidEast Aviation Academy Mission:

Mid-East Aviation Academy thrives to graduate pioneer civil pilots and aircraft Technicians and Engineers through continues applying of quality and safety.

MidEast Aviation Academy Our Team:


Our Instructors, trainers, and Staff are  professionals with exceptional skills and outstanding knowledge of the aviation.

We at MAA provide the best faculty from professional backgrounds with years of experience in their respective fields.

Our trainers are from the universities, Institutes and always train and groom trainees to perfection.

Technology and Innovation

In an era of intense competition and a challenging environment surrounding the aviation industry, companies are seeking new ways to gain competitive advantage by implementing innovation and  becoming Ambidextrous organizations, as the innovation it is rapidly changing the business models of many industries and aviation is no exception.

By using the latest technology, training equipment’s and facilities MAA offers both professional pilot training and aircrafts technician’s courses which are approved by the JCARC (Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission) ICAO standards. And in 2020 MAA became approved EASA 147 part 66 approved examination centre for aircraft maintenancefor TB1.1 and B2.

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