Bachelor’s degree in aircraft maintenance

Bachelor's degree in aircraft maintenance

Welcome to the Department of Aircraft Maintenance at Aviation Sciences College at Amman Arab University in cooperation with Mideast Aviation Academy.

Aircraft Maintenance Department was established in the academic year 2017/2018 with 137 academic hours and local accreditation from the Jordanian Higher Education Authorities

In order to complete projects and conduct applied research, the department strives to maintain constant communication with the companies and institutions involved. Aside from that, the curriculum is designed in such a way that it aims to improve students’ professional and technical competence and knowledge in their field of specialization, allowing them to easily work in relevant companies after graduation.

Students who graduate from the department will demonstrate understanding of basic science involved in aircraft maintenance activities, theory of operation of aircraft engines and systems. Student will gain the ability to understand written maintenance report and write the appropriate paper work needed by regulatory bodies for aircraft maintenance. In addition, students will obtain knowledge of regulatory and legal issues impact aircraft maintenance beside the ability to test, inspect, maintain, repair and troubleshoot faults in aircraft systems and engines.

The Department attracts an increasing number of students from Jordan and elsewhere. The Department of Aircraft Maintenance also prepares students for international aircraft maintenance licenses such as EASA, European Aviation Safety Agency and CARC stands for Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.

  • Bachelor degree in aircraft maintenance in 4 year with 137 hours.
  • Bachelor degree in avionics in 4 years with 137 hours.


High school certificate with average of 50% for international students.

High School certificate with average of 60% for Jordanian students.

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